Whether she’s an avid home cook or a frequent hostess, the best gift ideas for Mothers who like to cook and host are practical, stylish, and useful. And they can inspire her to try new recipes! If you’re shopping for the mother in your life, look for the following gifts that are sure to be her favorite.

A marble board makes an elegant, thoughtful gift for any kitchen. It’s ideal for a cheese plate, and it can also be used for decorative purposes. A marble board with honeycomb and bee details makes an even better statement.

An air fryer is a great cooking gift. And a five-blade spiralizer is a great way to save money while eating healthy. And an indoor herb garden is perfect for making cocktails and tacos.

A set of stemless wine glasses is a classy and fun gift. These gorgeous glasses are perfect for a special occasion, and they’re made of beautiful hand-blown glass. They can be engraved to include a personal message. These glasses also make great decoration items, and they can be found at a variety of price points. They’re also perfect for giving to your mother as a last-minute Mother’s Day present.

A marble wine cooler is a lovely addition to any kitchen. It’s a nice alternative to plastic or glass containers, and the glass can be engraved to include her name. The company also sells an eucalyptus and menthol steamer, which can be great for clearing sinuses.

Another stylish item for the kitchen is a state spoon rest. It’s a nice way to display her favorite spoons, and it works as a holder for rings. You could also give her a birthstone stopper, which is a nice touch. Personalized engraved cutting boards are a nice way to say thank you. They’re ideal for any kitchen, and they can be customized to include a favorite recipe.

Lastly, a weighted blanket is a great gift for a mom who’s been trouble sleeping. It’s a soft, bamboo-derived material that rolls up into a compact package, and it’s infused with medical-grade glass beads. It’s great for travelers, too.

If you want to impress your mom with a well-thought-out, practical kitchen gift, you may consider a cookbook. They’re a nice gift for any woman, and they’re easy to use. A good cookbook will have all the basics, such as how to prepare a meal, but you can go above and beyond with a variety of recipes. If she’s a HGTV fan, she’ll love the Joanna Gaines cookbook. It includes entertaining ideas and delicious recipes. It’s also a great gift for a newbie chef.

If you’re looking for a kitchen gift that’s a little more wacky, you might opt for an apple air tag. This gadget will help her to keep track of her keys, and it’s a cute way to tell her that you’re thinking of her. It’s also a nice reminder that you are there for her, no matter what she needs.